Welcome to the life of a magician!

I live on the West Coast of Canada in the city of Surrey, located southeast of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where I have lived and worked all of my life.

Looking back, my first "real" magic show was a party for an audience of about 30 kids. I was 9 years old and had read practically every magic book in the library, and somehow managed to hammer together a passable magic show. Little did I know that magic would become my lifelong passion and eventually, my full time vocation. No one else in my family had the slightest interest in magic and without mentors to show me the way, it was all trial and error. Convincing people I could do the impossible was very appealing, and so began my magical journey which continues to this day.

Some time after that first show, the owner of a dance/music school contacted me. She had put together a "Concert Party" made up of students. The idea was to give fledgling dancers and musicians experience performing in front of live audiences, and provide entertainment for those not able to get out (the sick, elderly and incarcerated). Come to think of it, they really were captive audiences as most had no choice but to sit and watch. My job was to provide light comedy in the program and the troupe performed twice a week in facilities such as hospitals, mental institutions, care homes, detention facilities, and local festivals. I was with them well into my teens before breaking away and learned how to speak and perform before large groups and get the best reaction. No money, but I did gain a wealth of knowledge for which I am eternally grateful!

In my late teens I was regularly booked for children’s parties mainly through word of mouth. As I grew older and more experienced, talent agencies often sought me out to do larger venues. At age 19, I performed for a few weeks at a strip parlour as a filler act between dancers. This resulted in my first experience with hecklers and taught me how to get and keep the audience on my side. I also found that being a suave sophisticated magician was not the right image for me – it was easier to make people laugh. I was now performing larger magic shows at shopping malls, nightclubs, variety stage shows and festivals. Representatives for the McDonalds Corporation saw me and asked if I wanted the job as Ronald McDonald for BC, so I donned the famous red wig for a year and a half to appear at restaurant openings and special events. It was with much relief that I hung up the clown shoes and regained my own personality. Back to "normal", I began doing shows again and married my assistant. Over the years we have performed our shows at hundreds of venues and have travelled all over B.C., Japan and the US. I continue following the dream and regularly perform for groups and individuals requiring quality entertainment for all ages.

If you need great comedy entertainment for your next special event or have questions about shows or bookings, please go to the contact page of this web site. If you would like more information regarding Merlin the Magician for your child’s birthday party, please go to BirthdayPartyWizard.ca

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